Pulsed Power Technologies

Impulse forming application examples


Joining, forming and cutting

Thin walled tubes and sheet metals can be formed contactless by EMF technology integrating our SMU equioment into your production. The impact with a joining partner results in an interference fit, a form fit or even a welded connection. The impact with a one sided cutting tool can be used for spatial cuts with minimized burring, and a one-sided forming tool can be used for calibration of sharp edged embossings. Actually, joining by compression is most relevant because the characteristic advantages of the process can be used in optimum ways:

  • Due to the contact-free deformation process even coated semi-finished parts can be shaped.

  • Due to the fact that only the workpiece to be deformed must be electrically conductive, pairs of metallic and non-metallic materials can be produced.

  • The high forming velocity results in a very uniform strain over the circumference of round workpiece cross-sections. So, highest requirements with respect to leak tightness and strength can be realized.

Selected application examples

Car cross member: assembly of different aluminium alloys

tube dimensions OD 28mm x 3mm


Car fuel pipe: aluminium-steel assembly 

tube, plastic coated, OD 12mm x 1.2mm

closed frame structure of plastic-coated aluminum tube with aluminum knot elements

Sealed oil expansion vessel: aluminium-rubber-aluminium 

aluminum ring, OD 130mm x 1.5mm

Spaceframe component for side impact protection:

aluminium-aluminium assembly from rectangular cross section 

profile dimensions 35mm × 25mm × 1.75mm

Door inner demonstrator of integrated processes:

conventional deep drawing and EMF in a single stroke

for local calibration of the edge radius