Engineering services of Poynting GmbH


R&D support and services

Our interdisciplinary educated team offers a competent assistance for your product and process developments. Throughout the whole development process we offer permanent support and assistance to your project, from creating the specific requirements until producing a prototype.

We offer:

  • scientifically sound pre-analysis and production related feasibility studies,

  • finite-element-analysis for validation and optimisation of the product and process design,

  • development of software moduls as standalone programmes or as extension of control systems to support process planning, process control, and process monitoring 

  • development and production of turnkey pulse generators as well as design and development of the main components like charging devices, energy storage, high voltage or high current switches, the conducting network, and finally the load itself,

  • adopting existing equipment and modification of your devices and systems for your specified operation modes.


This applies to all product sections like pulse generators, power supplies and HV system components but as well to the development of new forming processes.

Our intention is to bring new research-based technologies into application and make them available for diverse industrial branches.