HV Power Supplies

Capacitor chargers and DC high voltage power supplies of power category 100 kW (and more)

Example SV-300-7k5 (300 kW, 7.5 kV) with four power modules, 75 kW each

Power category 100 kW (and more)

General Designation


'ppp': maximum output power
'vvv': maximum output voltage

Our HVPS of this power class are typically adapted to the customer's application.

The over-all power of the system is based on a combination of the required number of 75kW power modules MOD-75. Those comprise mainly just the inverter circuit and HV section, the latter consisting of a tank with oil cooled transformer and rectifier. The power modules are operated in parallel and will be controlled, monitored and supplied centrally. All components are mounted in a RITTAL-TS8-EMC-type cabinet system, with two or more cabinets, 800mm x 800mm x 2000mm (WxDxH) each.

tl_files/poynting/content/STROM - Anlagen 01/poynting_strom_plan3.jpg

Efficiency (at partly discharge of the load capacitors): 95 %

Range of voltage setting: 1-100 %

Range of current setting: 5-100 %

Range of power setting: 5-100 %

Resolution of set values: 10-4

Reproducibility of actual voltage: less than 10-4 possible

Stability of actual voltage value: less than 10-4 possible

Cooling: Water/blower

Personell safety: door switches, redundantly controlled shut down system

Example MOD-75-06 (75kW, 6kV)

HVPS Power module MOD-75

Maximum output power: 75 kW

Cooling: Water/blower

Dimensions: 19", 12 HU, (WxDxH) 482.6 mm x 533.4 mm x 680 mm (incl. handles and connectors, all on front panel)

Weight: approx. 100 kg