Hardware & Systems


EMF systems

Non-contact pressurizing of tubular parts or sheet metals

Electromagnetic forming (EMF) is a high speed forming process using the energy density of a strong pulse-shaping magnetic field for contactless forming of metals with high electrical conductivity. Poynting GmbH offers a large range of turnkey systems and tools to be used in flexible laboratory scale or for serial production.

Automation example for production series


HV power supplies

High voltage power supplies of different power categories

Each high voltage / high current application has its own requirements with respect to the power supply. Whatever your requirements are, based on our concepts for electrical circuits and modules for power outputs from 16 kW up to several hundred kW, we are able to react upon every customer specification.


1: PGctrl; 2xPGmod (PGmod equipped with four PPU power units each)

HV pulse generators

Custom specific equipment for diverse applications

Based on our know-how in switch mode power supply development as well as in pulsed power technologies in generell we can realize new, customer specific pulse generators for medical, industrial or laboratory applications.



Pulsed power accessory

Over the course of our project-oriented collaborations with our customers as well as resulting from our own demands during equipment production we continuously extend and complete our range of products by a lot of pulsed-power parts and components.