Pulsed Power Technologies

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Pulsed power technologies

Pulsed power technology deals with generation and application of short time electrical and electromagnetic field strengths on very high energy and power level. Therefore, specific equipment is necessary to generate or transform high voltage or high current pulses.

Depending on the application, single shots or repetitive pulse operation is used. All systems have in common that an energy storage element (kJ up to MJ) is discharged abruptly, namely within nano- up to milliseconds, which produces very high momentum power (in the range of GW).

Wherever high electromagnetic fields appear, they are connected to strong mechanical forces. This makes the applied power structures, modules and components necessary to be constructed with respect to mechanical as well as electro-dynamical requirements.
The fact that the electric energy is not transmitted trough a wire or PCB track but through space outside of the metallic conductor must be taken into special account (see „On the Transfer of Energy in the Electromagnetic Field“John Henry Poynting (1884)).